Notion Running Template (log, manage knowledge, plan)

Bence Szabo
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For runners, to track your workouts, to organize your knowledge around running, and to set up a training plan.

This template is a digital system to follow your running journey.

  • Check your weekly mileage
  • Strava Integration
  • Assign a type of workout to your activities,
  • Track your shoe wear
  • Collect articles, notes on topics that interests you.
  • And many more...


I am not familiar with Notion, can I still use it?

Of course! I wrote a guide and captured a tutorial video on how navigate around Notion and how to use the template. Everything is included.

Is it free?

Yes, the template is totally free and the free version of Notion will be fine for you to use the template.

If you have any questions, problems:

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Notion Running Template (log, manage knowledge, plan)

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